Axis Corporate and Enzyme bet on Artificial Intelligence

Enzyme Advising Group, an innovation consulting firm focused on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain solutions, and AXIS Coporate, the international business consulting firm, specialists in advising companies and organizations to accelerate their business growth through transformation, have sealed a collaboration alliance that allows them to expand their digitalization service offering through innovative solutions related to the use of Artificial Intelligence.

This agreement aims to offer customers of both companies new and innovative digitalization solutions linked to the adoption of automation and cognitive solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. One of the services that will be jointly enhanced refers to the Virtual Personal Shopper (VPS), an omnichannel and intelligent cognitive assistant that facilitates online contracting and personalized consultation on the products offered to its customers. Thanks to Enzyme's platform technology, the VPS automates the interaction of the customer journey and personalizes the relationship with customers, increasing the effectiveness of online commercial processes, resolving key customer queries and operations and ultimately transforming their experience with the company.

Álvaro Ortín, CEO of Enzyme Advising Group, points out that "this agreement reinforces the long-standing relationship between Enzyme Advising and Axis Corporate and the value we can jointly generate for our customers".

Casimiro Gracia, CEO of Axis Corporate, values this union as an important and necessary milestone in the current context where digitization has become an imperative for companies and comments "we continue to evolve our Digital & Innovation service offering in a clear commitment to offer companies the most innovative tools and products that are essential to successfully drive a digital transformation process. The alliance with Enzyme Advising Group is another step towards offering our clients automated processes that ensure effectiveness and personalization through Artificial Intelligence".

Within the framework of this strategic alliance, different joint actions will be organized so that customers can learn first-hand about the synergies between the two companies in the field of digitization.

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