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Reduce high-value human assitance to just the unavoidable cases.

We create intelligent assistants to give permanent sales and customer support.

Client challenge:

To give an immediate response to all repetitive and low-value online inquiries about their products, aiding sales and customer support areas.

To optimize the time of human agents for complex queries.

Enzyme solution:

Create and implement an intelligent assistant (using neurolanguage), capable of answering most of the queries directly.

Integration with Zendesk and generation of support tickets for validation.

Delegation of only the most complex queries to a human assistant.


Impact and involved technologies


Virtual agent available 24/7 for all web users and clients of Stikets

Automated attention of 71% of the queries by the virtual assistant, which was previously carried out by people. Substantial improvement in the efficiency and quality of the customer support area, with a result of 2 FTE spare.

Technologies involved:

Collagen, powered by IBM.

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