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Chatbot “Ibot” - IBERCAJA

We developed a tailor-made solution for IBERCAJA that optimizes the search time of documents related to regulations as well as its filing system. The Ibot is in charge of classifying this information and presenting it in a clear way according to a user's search request.

Among its functions, its insurance services are the ones that stand out the most, some of which are subject to the Caser insurance company. As a whole, they offer: health, dental, home, death, car, motorcycle and life insurance.

Previously, all insurance documentation was organized under a hierarchical folder structure, making it difficult to find the relevant documents. As a result, workers ended up opening a ticket in the HelpDesk, slowing down insurance procedures and saturating the HelpDesk.


Solutions and applied technologies

We implemented a Chatbot with customized functionalities that have been incorporated into Watson Discovery. A tool that Ibercaja has to enter all the information related to regulations and insurance to later integrate it with the Chatbot. This consists of getting the Chatbot to act as an intermediary in document search and query processes.

Additionally, search engine quality evaluation functionalities have been developed, as well as a customized control panel to configure search engine parameters. The technologies we applied to develop this case are: 

Watson Group

IBM Watson Studio Local (DSEL)

IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding for IBM Cloud

IBM Speech to Text Service

IBM Text to Speech Service

IBM Watson Developer

IBM Watson Dialog Service

IBM Watson Knowledge Studio

IBM Watson Language Translation Service

IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier Service

IBM Watson Personality Insights Service

IBM Watson Retrieve and Rank Service


Cloud and Data Platform

Cloud Infrastructure

The benefits and impacts provided by Ibot are the reduction of tickets that are transmitted through Ibercaja's HelpDesk, which cause collapse and increased management time. Streamlining the process of obtaining the desired documents. The language processing algorithms used make the variety of possible queries to the Chatbot more flexible. As well as the optimization of the quality of the results obtained in each search thanks to the study carried out related to the evaluation of the quality of the search engine results.

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