Quantum Cognitive Digital Industry: a hyper-automated, accessible, cyber secure, and data mining-based digital twin.

Barcelona, 30 de enero de 2023 - At Enzyme Group we promote innovation through the Quantum Cognitive Digital Industry project, as part of a consortium made up of several Public Research Organizations (OPIs), 3 large leading industrial companies and another specialized technology partner. This project has been offered a grant of 1,06M€ by the CDTI within the call for the Great Company of Misiones Ciencia e Innovación 2022 which is included among the actions planned in the National Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, which receives financing from the "Next Generation EU" funds, including the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.

The goal we pursue is to promote the Spanish industry of the 21st century through joint research between the technological vanguard and relevant representatives of the Spanish industry.

This research will be carried out through the use of quantum, digital, accessible systems, reaching higher levels of digital sovereignty and competitiveness. At the same time, we will address the main security challenges arising from the existence of quantum computers in the medium term. The project started in November 2022 and will end in June 2025.

We propose a research-focused approach for the application of technology through a proof of concept of a cognitive, quantum, cyber secure, accessible, and usable digital twin in a non-productive environment where companies can apply the results of the research lines of the project, both from the point of view of use (simulations, predictive maintenance, improvements in the value chain or performance, useful life calculations, reduction of energy consumption, etc.), as well as security, reliability and interactive visualization.

Enzyme's role will be focused on the development of protection mechanisms against potential threats in a future in which coexistence with quantum computers creates spaces of vulnerability to current protection mechanisms and business cybersecurity.foto grupoThis project identifies multiple use cases in reference problems that occur in industrial environments, and thanks to this we will guide technological progress and eventually the productive and robust use of the quantum cognitive digital twin. Our results will be beneficial for all participants in the ecosystem in particular and for the industry in general.

The learnings and achievements of this research, development, and innovation project will allow improving the practical applicability of classical and quantum technologies in key industry scenarios such as:

  • The optimization of highly complex production and logistics problems where the number of entities involved in the processes is very high, for instance, planning and routing, among others.
  • Infrastructure Cybersecurity: protection against attacks from quantum computers.
  • Intelligent and efficient management of the industry
The knowledge generated will be useful and can be extrapolated to other industries, such as banking or health, where complex calculation solutions or information security is key.

Quantum Cognitive Digital Industry


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