MASMOVIL opts for the COwin-19 contact tracing solution.

MASMOVIL leads the innovation for the active control of the social distancing of its employees and suppliers with the COwin-19 solution.

The solution makes it possible to monitor the evolution of the pandemic, from distancing to notification of positive cases, including contact tracing.

MASMOVIL Group, in order to offer the healthiest possible environment for its employees and suppliers, has adopted COwin-19, one of the most reliable automatic contact tracing systems for the management of COVID-19 infection risks in the corporate market.

COwin-19, the solution developed by Enzyme Advising Group and SeniorDomo, offers MASMOVIL's Group employees and regular suppliers the peace of mind of being in their offices safely, in conjunction with a wide range of other protection and sanitization measures designed by the Company.

With COwin-19, MASMOVIL Group achieves a double objective: on one hand, to instill a culture of social distancing in its centers, by providing its employees with automatic physical devices for recording risk contacts, and on the other hand, to provide Human Resources and Occupational Risk Prevention with a powerful tool that simplifies pandemic management, as well as indirectly reinforcing business continuity plans during the pandemic.

MASMOVIL Group employees have a pendant device with Bluetooth technology that alerts them by vibration if they approach a colleague within two meters of them, using artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the contact as a risk and its subsequent registration. The system is completely anonymized and no information is accessible except by MASMOVIL Group medical personnel, and only when a positive COVID-19 test occurs.


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COwin-19 also incorporates a web-based health manager for the Occupational Risk Prevention department that enables the management of key information for:

  • Prevent: evaluating those departments or centers where there are more risk contacts to focus on specific preventive measures to reduce their number.
  • Act: identifying the chain of contacts immediately in order to implement the Health Emergency Protocol for COVID-19 established for this purpose.

MASMOVIL Group chose COwin-19 because it differs from other solutions in key aspects such as:

  • its anonymity: no personal data is shared, only encrypted codes.
  • its privacy: the employee does not have to be permanently geopositioned in the style of manual tracking systems or other automatic systems in the industrial environment
  • its security: all information is encrypted and the device cannot be tampered with, unlike cell phones and its reliability in distance control: the application accurately records only contacts at risk.

In short, COwin-19 makes it possible to manage the entire lifecycle of the pandemic's evolution in the organization.

Álvaro Ortín, CEO of Enzyme, comments "We are delighted to be able to offer Grupo MASMOVIL a solution such as COwin-19 that allows us to track narrow contagions and manage individual employee cases while respecting their privacy. With this solution, we are doing our bit to facilitate the return to normality with the use of technology."



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