Enzyme Advising Group celebrates its tenth anniversary, boosting its presence internationally


  • The company expects to increase its client base by 57% next year, and to open new offices in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the Netherlands by 2023.
  • In the last decade, thanks to the trust placed in Enzyme by its clients, Enzyme has grown from a company of 3 employees to 80, and has plans to expand internationally.
  • Enzyme has been working for 10 years to be the leading Artificial Intelligence company in Europe with software products and IT components, integrating cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Machine Learning.
  • In 2021, Enzyme has met and exceeded its revenue targets, and expects to continue to grow by more than 18% in 2022.


Barcelona, December 15, 2021 - Enzyme Advising Group, a company specialized in accelerating the growth of companies through technology, celebrates its 10th anniversary, developing the vision of becoming the leading company in Artificial Intelligence in Europe for "platform as a service" products, starting with the health sector with the launch of "Komombo".

In its decade of business life, it has established itself as a leader in Spain, providing technology solutions to its more than 130 customers from different sectors both nationally and internationally. This figure is expected to increase by 57%, reaching 300 clients in the coming year. To this end, Enzyme plans to open new offices in Germany and Switzerland in 2022, and the United Kingdom and the Netherlands in 2023.

Enzyme Advising Group was born 10 years ago, gathering people and professionals who had already participated in the creation of one of the first CSIC-IIIA spin-offs in 2000, ISOCO, a pioneer in applying AI to business. In the current project, Enzyme has continued to develop innovative solutions and management strategies, diversifying its range of services and its scope of action to make the clients with whom it works natively in solutions of these technologies, more competitive.

Among the organizations that count on Enzyme as a technology partner are companies in all sectors such as VW, Generali, Unir, Antonio Puig, Cobega, Capsa, DAUFOOD, Group Pyrénées, Unir, TMB, Grifols, Ibercaja, Caixabank, Banc Sabadell, Cellnex, Nissan and Azucarera, among others; institutions such as the European Commission; and reference hospitals such as the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, with whom they have recently signed a collaboration agreement for the development of an innovative Artificial Intelligence technology project applied to the health sector.

"We are 10 years old and, despite the complicated circumstances we are currently experiencing, we want to celebrate by thanking all our clients, collaborators and partners who have helped us get this far. In these years, the Enzyme team has grown considerably and has established itself as a consulting firm of reference, and I am convinced that the keys to this success have been our flexibility, the commitment of the team and the agility to reinvent ourselves and adapt to the changing needs of the market," says Alvaro Ortín, founder and CEO of Enzyme Advising Group.


Enzyme, technology partner for 10 years.

Enzyme has been working for 10 years to be the leading company in Artificial Intelligence in Europe with software products and IT components, which integrate cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and machine learning. In this sense, the trust placed by the customers it works with has allowed the company to grow from a company of 3 workers to more than 80, and to have international expansion forecasts.

In the words of Álvaro Ortín: "In order to continue evolving and offering the best solutions to our clients, we are strongly involved in the growth of the company at an international level. Therefore, we plan to open new offices in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands in the coming years. We currently have more than 80 professionals within the company, but to meet this new challenge, we will continue to invest in and attract new talent".


Beyond technological solutions.

Innovation has been and continues to be a strategic pillar in Enzyme's trajectory and growth. During this decade marked by the company's specialization in the technology sector, Enzyme has expanded its focus to four business lines, each focused on the customer, their needs and their problems: Strategy Mapping, Operations Improvement, Employee Experience and Customer Experience.

In this sense, commitment is a word that defines Enzyme. In these 10 years in Spain, the technology company has been committed to innovation and also to the quality of service provided to customers and partners, and a great example of this is its data. In 2021, Enzyme has met and exceeded its turnover targets, and expects to continue to grow by more than 18% in 2022.

Enzyme is also committed to its employees. For this reason, the company is celebrating its success story in a special way this year, as throughout its trajectory, Enzyme has received numerous recognitions rewarding its RRSS policies: it has been included in the top positions of the Best Place to Work SMEs list and the international IBM Beacon Award two years in a row, for projects related to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

"The results achieved during these 10 years are very favorable for the company and especially for the sector. The group continues to be committed to growth through talent, and proof of this is the continuous expansion of our workforce. Our goal is to continue growing year after year," says Álvaro Ortín.


Enzyme - Décimo Aniversario

Part or our team in Barcelona offices.

About Enzyme Advising Group.

With more than 10 years of experience, Enzyme is an AI services and product company dedicated to the research, development, implementation and integration of technology solutions mainly based on data management, artificial intelligence and blockchain. Winner of several international awards for projects carried out in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, Enzyme currently has a team of more than 100 people distributed in its offices in Madrid and Barcelona, and customers in more than 15 countries. Since 2017, Pyrénées Andorra Group, the main brand of the Andorran principality, is the reference partner of Enzyme.


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