Enzyme renews its brand image and consolidates its strategic positioning

The new brand image consolidates Enzyme's positioning as an accelerator of business growth through technology, aligning its company purpose to be perfectly understood locally, nationally and internationally.

Overall, the new graphic identity is inspired by the dynamism and movement towards the future of the particles that make it up, key elements in the company's strategy, which addresses uncertainty with real solutions through artificial intelligence, data and blockchain.

Barcelona, June 28th, 2022.- Enzyme, a company specialized in accelerating the growth of companies through technology, has launched its new corporate identity to consolidate and give more visual consistency to its positioning as a company that offers real solutions to its customers through artificial intelligence, data and blockchain.

The launch of its new visual identity, concretized in its new logo and new website with new domain (enzyme.biz), consistently aligns the purpose and services offered by the company. This will allow communication without limitations, both locally, nationally and internationally.

In the words of Pedro Arellano, General Director of Enzyme: "The Enzyme brand image is driven by the ambition to progress. The new visual identity wants to show the world what our essence is: we are Enzyme, we accelerate the growth of companies through technology, with a strong component of Artificial Intelligence, Data and Blockchain. We are an incubator for our own technology products and a cradle for external AI-based projects. As an example, we have recently launched 'Komombo', our flagship project in Digital Health."

Enzyme transferred its vision to its new brand image. With this initiative, it consolidates its positioning, going beyond a simple logo change. According to Álvaro Ortín, CEO of Enzyme, thanks to the momentum that the company is experiencing, "we will strengthen ties and valuable relationships with our customers to help them achieve their business objectives". The claim 'beyond the unexpected' perfectly defines that "at Enzyme, we live in the future so that our customers can lead the present. To do this, we must always be one step ahead, understanding and simplifying the complexity in which our customers find themselves, anticipating their needs for change, in order to guide them in the digital transformation of their companies," says Ortín.

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The start of a 100% dynamic and transparent brand image

In recent years, Enzyme has experienced tremendous growth, focusing on the development of technology products and its international expansion. For this reason, the new logo and the entire graphic identity are inspired by the dynamism and movement towards the future of the particles that make it up, key elements in the company's strategy, which addresses uncertainty with real solutions through artificial intelligence, data and blockchain.

In relation to colors, the new range is more consistent and balanced, including shades such as blue, which conveys loyalty and commitment, beige, which suggests flexibility and constancy, and green, which evokes dynamism and digitalization. All this favors a relevant brand positioning, conveying Enzyme's values at all points of contact with its stakeholders.

"Analyzing the brand strategy in depth, we could see the need for more tools to communicate what Enzyme is and thus be able to deploy its full potential. The rebranding has been the result of the great work done at a strategic level by the Enzyme team," says Enzyme's CEO.

For the development of this project, Enzyme has had the support of Comuniza, a reference agency in corporate branding in Europe and Latin America.


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