Enzyme Advising Group ranks among the top 10 Data Analytics & AI companies in Spain

The report highlights Enzyme as an innovative supplier, excellent in quality and with high projection, positioning itself in the leaders quadrant along with other global integrators.

Barcelona, March 16, 2021 - In the 2021 edition of the Data Analytics & AI Integrator Universe, Enzyme is positioned among the 10 most relevant companies in the field of Data Analytics & AI.

The analysis carried out by Penteo evaluates the participating companies in 4 dimensions: capabilities, performance, projection and perceived quality, according to 35 indicators and more than 125 questions asked to the companies that participated in the Universe. Penteo has completed the data analysis with a market research answered by CIOs and heads of technological services of Spanish or multinational companies.

Data & Analytics is one of the star trends of this beginning of the decade and one on which organizations are openly and decisively betting. At the management level, it is one of the areas of investment that is most taken into account and it is estimated that it will be one of the technologies with a higher percentage increase in the coming years.

The most expected benefits of using advanced analytics focus on improving business decision making, planning and operational efficiency, while internal transformation aspects of companies take a back seat. In general, the companies that are already working with it have a feeling of disappointment with respect to the results that could be expected.

IT management continues to be the main decision-maker for the application of analytics, but in this case, with clear support from general management in terms of sponsoring this type of project, given its strategic and transformational nature.

The report evaluates Enzyme Advising Group as a specialized player with a high degree of technical knowledge and international recognition, highlighting its business orientation, agility and modularity. Among the strengths of Enzyme Advising Group in the field of Data Analytics & AI, the following stand out:

  • The large number of recognitions and awards from both the manufacturers thanks to the work done with the technology, integrating its own technology with that of third parties and from the market itself. These include the IBM Beacon Award 2020 for the best "Outstanding Data & AI Solution".
  • The strong academic character of its team, which has PhDs who are dedicated to publications with the aim of sharing knowledge and training from the point of view of the great specialists.
  • The modularity and agility available thanks firstly to the eSTAR.ai platform, which allows the reuse of components between different projects for different initiatives within the same client and additionally in SaaS solutions such as Ribosomu, one of the components of the Enzyme platform, which applies BI capabilities and Intelligent Data solutions to any project.
  • Positive feedback from the clients contacted for the report, recognizing their high level of professionalism and adaptability, thanks in part to their portfolio of solutions.
  • The development of proprietary algorithms, proprietary solutions available to its clients, reusable components and its continuous research and collaboration with different entities, combined with the continuous growth of the staff, guarantees a great evolution of the services offered and of the platforms already developed. 
  • Enzyme's roadmap that demonstrates Enzyme's will to continue growing and consolidating its expertise in the mix.

Enzyme has a strong network of technology partnerships and maintains its focus on continuous innovation by bringing together its knowledge of data, AI and blockchain in its eSTAR.ai platform.


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