Enzyme Academy: a different training experience

Enzyme re-opens the doors of the third edition of the Enzyme Academy, an initiative driven by Enzyme’s People team that consists of training, through two-week courses, the next generation of experts in Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP and the latest trends in cognitive technology.

Enzyme Academy free courses are focused on intensive trainings led by our professionals and aimed at university and STEM students who want to deepen and broaden their knowledge in the latest technologies. Paula and Albert, two current employees who participated in past editions of the Enzyme Academy, tell us about their experiences:

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Objective: attract the best talent

Recruiting efficiently in the new hybrid work environments requires new tactics and new methods. This is important considering that according to the Top Tech Cities of the Future 2021 ranking and the annual report prepared by EU-Startups, Madrid and Barcelona rank seventh and fifth respectively among the most important technology and innovation hubs in Europe, which intensifies the demand for qualified personnel.

Enzyme Academy is born from the objective of attracting the best talent in the framework of a stimulating and practical learning environment with a work program that includes focused content, teamwork sessions and masterclasses given by our experts.

As in previous editions, to gain access to the Enzyme Academy, candidates have passed a rigorous selection process consisting of two phases: a knowledge test and a qualitative interview that helps to get to know the candidate personally, thus completing the assessment of his or her candidacy.

In an environment as competitive as that of technology consulting, students who are accepted into the Enzyme Academy program gain, in addition to knowledge in the latest technologies, the experience of sharing a learning environment and interests with other students. In addition, they are integrated from day one into the day-to-day running of the company by inviting them to after-work events and encouraging networking with our team.

Those students who during the course demonstrate that they have acquired the knowledge taught, demonstrated teamwork, developed their skills and are aligned with Enzyme's corporate values will be offered the opportunity to start their career in the working world by joining Enzyme's team of consultants.

From September 19 to 30, we will once again open the doors of the Enzyme Academy to the 20 candidates who have successfully passed the selection process. The possibilities of the Enzyme Academy are limitless, and in the medium term we plan to extend this initiative to employees and customers with programs focused on helping them solve their challenges and needs.

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