COwin-KIDS, the solution to facilitate compliance with social distancing in schools

Enzyme Advising Group and SeniorDomo have developed the COwin-KIDS solution, an innovative technological system designed for educational centers that offers a safe learning environment for students, teaching and support staff. Enzyme Advising Group is a leading consulting firm in the creation of innovation and Artificial Intelligence components with more than 9 years of experience and SeniorDomo is a leader in improving the quality of life of the elderly through high-value technological solutions and services.

What is COwin-KIDS?

It is a technological system for the management of information relevant to the fight against Covid-19 in educational centers, composed of three parts: 

1. A bluetooth pendant for students that allows to anonymously record contacts between classmates within 1.5m for 15 minutes;

2. A web application for schools that enables the management of key information to:

  • Prevent: evaluating those classrooms where there are more risky contacts in order to focus on specific preventive measures to reduce their number.
  • Act: identifying the chain of contacts immediately in order to implement previously established action plans.
  • Communicate: preventive measures to parents and inform them of the safety rules adopted.

3. A mobile app for parents that allows to measure the exposure of students, communicate a positive Covid-19 to the school and evaluate the preventive measures offered by the school.


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How does COwin-KIDS work?

  • Each student and employee is assigned a bluetooth pendant that must be worn at all times during their stay in the school and it records the classmates with whom they have been in continuous proximity within 1.5 meters for 15 minutes.
  • School managers can analyze the information on the number of at-risk contacts in order to take preventive measures, record them in the system and monitor their progress. In case a student is symptomatic, they will be able to know immediately which students have been most exposed to minimize the impact of having to send all students home.
  • Parents will be able to know at all times the level of exposure of their children with other classmates and the notification system allows them to be informed in real time of the individual or collective prevention measures implemented by the center.

What are the advantages of COwin-KIDS for schools and families?

  • Provide a safe educational environment for teachers and students.
  • Facilitate effective and immediate communication between schools and families.
  • Guarantee the anonymity of students in the event of a positive test result.
  • Ensure the functioning of the school by implementing preventive measures to avoid the emergence of a source of infection
  • Facilitate effective and immediate communication between schools and families.
  • To ensure the economic activity of the school by reducing the impact of quarantines in the event of a positive result.
  • Collaborate with health and education authorities in the enforcement of regulations.

COwin-KIDS is an innovative project, developed not only to facilitate the return to the classroom, but also to ensure the peace of mind of the students' families, with a solution that helps the management of schools to make decisions with relevant information that makes every minute count to stop the spread of the contagion and maintain as far as possible the planned curriculum and school and extracurricular activities.


Álvaro Ortín, CEO of Enzyme Advising Group comments "as parents, one of our main concerns is to ensure the safety of our children in the school environment and that the school year runs as smoothly as possible. COwin-KIDS facilitates the monitoring of compliance with safety measures in schools and also facilitates immediate communication between families and schools".

COwin-KIDS solidarity project

Part of the profits from this initiative will be donated to the fight against the pandemic in countries with fewer resources. In addition, a free implementation will be offered to a school selected from all the schools that contact us for more information.

COwin-KIDS is a development from the initial App, COwin-19, a contact tracing application that guarantees a healthy work environment and has the collaboration of Draco Systems, an innovative company of electronic engineering services, which provides its latest generation technology in bluetooth devices.

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