Achieve the speed that the retail sector demands from you

Technology is the ingredient that accelerates business growth and is the solution that will enable you to achieve your retail goals.


Let your business be reflected in an optimal experience.

We show you what your customer values. We help you design and implement the best personalized experience for each moment. We measure people's satisfaction to convert future customers, current customers and employees into your brand's stakeholders.



Discover your customers and you will meet your business challenges.

The retail sector faces the challenge of adapting its strategic evolution to new customer behaviors, taking into account the major changes that consumers have undergone. This means creating a customer experience strategy, increasing customer satisfaction, betting on intelligent and omnichannel retailing, developing ultra-personalized marketing and digitizing points of sale. Digitize your business to optimize your operations, facilitate management and enhance the use of customer data.


Discover the benefits of a connected enterprise.

To obtain the expected benefits in retail, the important thing is to cover the entire retail consumer value chain to improve the main indicators. We have a decisive impact on customer satisfaction and average ticket volume. We improve LTV (Life Time Value) on CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and NPS (Net Promoter Score). We optimize marketing investment.


Discover how far your business can go.

At Enzyme, we have extensive experience solving innovative projects in more than 30 sectors, each one with different growth and development needs. In the retail sector, we help companies like: Volkswagen Group, Pyrénées, Stikets or Daufood to achieve their goals. Some of their outstanding results are: a reduction of more than 60% of the queries made to human agents and overall satisfaction on the service of 4.7 out of 5.