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Supply Chain Management 4.0

The digital transformation of the purchasing process is of vital importance for all those organizations that work with small operating margins because of the impact on the income account.
Furthermore, the variability of parties and types of products/services present in the purchase generates complex operations that must be simplified by means of digital transformation tools and models.
 Consequently, it is essential to optimize purchase, transport and distribution processes, thereby improving the mechanisms of operation and monitoring between suppliers, customers and logistics operators.
Business strategy which is centred on supply chain management can be improved through the reduction of incidents between departments, suppliers and customers, improving the profitability of the company.

What benefits can you expect?

Supply network optimization
Activate collaboration between various related stakeholders
Greater supply process visibility
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Improve communication and relationship with your suppliers through the use of intelligent notification systems

What solutions are included?

Digital Supplier Platform / Management / Analytics

Collaboration and communication platform with your suppliers that enables you to optimize the order to payment process. 

Tool that facilitates management of registration, modification and approval processes of your suppliers.

 Analytical tool that enables the monitoring and control of your supply network.


Analysis of the customer's order to cash process to set the parameters for the solution in such a way that the tool recommends the best option for each task in the process, (task resolution in SAP, communication with another department, call, etc).


Design of an ad hoc scorecard in order to define the service KPI according to the customer's activity and the business process.