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Are you familiar with the GDPR (general data protection regulation) which came into force on 25 May 2018 in all member states of the European Community? Do you know the fine amounts for non-compliance? 
At Enzyme we help you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and improve your company's cybersecurity to prevent threats, minimize risks, reduce losses and safeguard your information assets.
Can we help you feel more at ease?

What benefits can you expect?

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Ensure compliance with GDPR regulations
Avoid penalties arising from audits and/or complaints

What solutions are included?

GRPD Compliant

Implementation of GDPR compliance with a focus on data privacy protection, data protection infrastructure and data storage, in order to adapt them to new requirements.

Security Roadmap

Analysis of information security maturity within a company. Alignment of information security policy with business objectives. Evaluation, classification and description of the company's information assets.


Analysis of risks and vulnerabilities, analysis of the need for protection, definition and implementation of security measures. Technical protection of a company's transnational systems, storage, communication and associated processes.s

Security Processes

Integration of security requirements into corporate processes. Auditing and optimization of existing Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), including supplier and partners' ISMS.


Solutions based on Image Recognition systems:

- Image content analysis

- Image categorizer

- Facial recognition


Solutions based on neural networks and Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms:

- Similarity and categorization analysis

- Reputation systems

- Recommendation systems

- Models for pattern analysis and decision-making