Achieve Unlimited Diagnostic Accuracy with Komombo

Komombo is a collaborative ecosystem for the development of AI-based applications that have a use in the healthcare sector. Get the technology boost that healthcare companies need thanks to our AI and Blockchain ecosystem. We bring certainty to the healthcare industry through technology.


Our goal is to improve people's lives

Improve the lives of millions of people and bridge the gap between data and pharmaceutical intelligence tools. Komombo offers assistance in medical diagnosis and enables the development of new treatments. By applying artificial intelligence on real anonymized patient data, we close the gap between the information we currently have and early detection.



With artificial intelligence we improve the healthcare industry


Unlimited knowledge

Get unlimited and universal knowledge with the help of artificial intelligence. Reach the necessary information for the use case in one study.

Integration capability

Komombo has the ability to easily integrate with medical platforms and devices. This allows your installation to be more agile and efficient.

Secures data

Data remains private and algorithms don't store data, they store knowledge. Get all the information you need with the highest security.

Greater impact

Improve the allocation of available resources with Komombo. Don't settle, get the impact you need to lead the healthcare industry.

Monetize data

Enables new revenue streams for data providers, who market their governed data assets to thousands of knowledge consumers.

Saves time, cost and risk

Achieve time, cost and risk reduction for R&D investments with Komombo. Focus all efforts on the challenges you want to achieve.


We improve the patient experience by personalizing it.


Don't slow down your business growth

Komombo accelerates hospital processes, reduces the need for additional resources and avoids bottlenecks.

The most secure collaborative ecosystem

Komombo is composed of researchers, hospitals, doctors, and patients. It respects the privacy and security requirements of all parties.


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