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Virtual Auditor: Incident

Detection in the Field with

AI - Vodafone

Customer challenge:

To have greater control over field incidents, reducing maintenance costs.
Predict the most likely incidents to improve control over them.

Enzyme's Solution:

We develop and evolve Artificial Intelligence algorithms to forecast the incidences that will take place in each installation. We use the predictions from the models to improve the results of current audits.


Impact and involved technologies


Overall we have improved the control of incidents occurring at each site and incurred by each piece of equipment.
By forecasting incidents we were able to reduce their number and assist in prioritizing audits on certain jobs/locations.
Consequently, we have also increased the effectiveness of the inspection teams, without increasing their cost. We minimized field team costs by maximizing their effectiveness by enabling the right team to be sent, at the right time, to the right location.

Technologies involved:

MS Power BI and MS Azure

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