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Customer Portal - TRADEBE

Customer Challenge:

Centralizing the interaction with customers through a single portal was critical for Tradebe, replacing the previous obsolete one.

Enzyme's Solution:

We powered this single portal on SAP, used by both internal users and Tradebe's customers, with great ease of use, and attention to fundamental project factors such as its visual, design and branding component. The project covered the core functions prioritized by Tradebe (Invoices, Orders, Profiles, User Management and Reporting).

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Impact and involved technologies


Tradebe's brand image was improved for their customers.
Increased productivity of Tradebe employees and greatly streamlined the flow of information between the various departments and their customers, also facilitating the latter in their daily management.

Technologies involved:

SAPUI5 and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) in the Cloud Foundry environment.

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