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We monitor projects with Digital Process Monitoring

Customer challenge:

Faced with a manual process that spanned from purchasing to delivery and invoicing of partitions, the client required a digitization portal that would speed up processes.

Enzyme's Solution:

We developed a process monitoring portal to organize the entire bulkhead ordering process. With a surprisingly user-friendly and visual user interface (no one will distinguish that it is built on SAP), as well as being effective for quickly monitoring order statuses.


Impact and involved technologies


We increase in the agility of error detection and resolution, as well as process bottlenecks.
Collection of high-value data to improve performance in the partition ordering process.
Validation of a scalable tool on which to manage future processes.

Technologies involved:

Java, Camunda and SAP Ui5 solutions.

Alternatively a more storytelling-like running text can be generated from this initial structuring, adding customer experiences (such as a referral, or even if we have been able to interview the customer or make them a video of the success story) but this takes more effort and can be done as a second version.

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