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Iris Retail: the new supplier


Client's challenge:

The client wanted to drive a new supplier portal that was more efficient, scalable, with an integrated 360 and collaborative view, which will bring a simpler and improved internal and external user experience. It was imperative to incorporate the supplier approval process.

Enzyme Solution:

We developed a supplier portal, where registration and approval, sourcing, planning, logistics, pricing, stock, purchasing, supply, invoicing and payments were integrated.

Items classified by brand and type are added to a shopping cart. Once the quantities have been chosen, the delivery details such as address, contact and payment details are specified and the order is completed. This is a new tool with the user experience as the focus of all action.


Solutions and involved



We have improved the management and tracking of orders specific to each market, achieved a reduction in times and standardization of orders, as well as the classification of the product catalog and its documentation.

We have driven a true digital transformation for Puig suppliers, improving their most relevant functions, and consolidating their brand image in their purchasing channel

Technologies involved:

We developed this project through SAP, ECC, SAP UI5, SAP ECC.

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