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Disease diagnosis platform with Computer Vision - HIPRA

Customer challenge:

The veterinary diagnostic service for some diseases is a non-automated process, with a strong component of visual inspection, which requires scarce and expensive resources, due to the necessary specialization of the diagnosing professional and the time required in their travels. The challenge was to provide this process with a certain intelligence and improvement in automatisms.

Enzyme's solution:

We developed a platform that incorporates Artificial Intelligence algorithms to help in the diagnosis of diseases from photographs. 

We created a mobile application that allows us to diagnose in-situ and in real time a disease after a photograph taken from the mobile terminal itself.


Impact and involved technologies


By applying this solution, there is the possibility of carrying out a pre-diagnosis with unqualified personnel and at low cost, considerably increasing the number of diagnoses, shortening the start of treatment by 14 days and reducing the costs associated with the disease.

It is also a useful tool for internal auditing, with computer vision controls of the quality of veterinary treatments.

We also gave Hipra the possibility of creating a new business model beyond the drug, allowing a pre-diagnosis service by subscription or use by the end customer. 

This boosts the consolidation of its brand image and positioning as an innovator in the sector.

Technologies involved:

Computer Vision and Blockchain

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