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Success Story: News and order management in maintenance plant App

We develop a mobile application for the management of notifications and orders in maintenance plants. This gives us benefits such as the reduction of non-productive times and breakdown solutions. As well as obtaining reliability of data for diagnosis, improved traceability and history of interventions, access to order information from the location and real-time notifications.


Solutions and applied technologies

We are committed to mobile applications for order management, notifications and stock consultation. This tool provides us functionalities such as the assignment of orders to different operators, the creation of material movements in the warehouse and real-time work notification.

We carry out massive actions such as closing notifications, closing orders, assigning operators, releasing notifications, among others. We are committed to the consultation of documentation and history of orders and material movements of a team. The reading of locations, equipment and materials through barcodes/QR and the configuration of applications with different views.

The technologies we have applied are: SAP ECC (ERP Standard) - SAP Gateway - Neptune. The benefits obtained have been the reduction of waiting times, the increase of speed when managing the WOs and improving the stock control of spare parts and increasing the allocation of spare parts to WOs.

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