Keep customers and suppliers informed at
all times

Keep your customers and suppliers informed with a web portal where they can obtain information to ask questions and improve communication with your company. Providing the information you consider in a portal will streamline processes and generate a self-service platform without blockages.


Interact better through your portal.

Offer a portal and improve interactions with your suppliers or internal or external customers with a corporate intranet. A platform that is offered to suppliers or customers to obtain relevant information on those repetitive interactions that generate direct queries to staff by phone and/or mail. This allows streamlining existing internal processes and generates a self-service environment where there are no blockages.



With optimal iteration you will streamline processes and time

Reduce interactions

Reduce the number of interactions without losing control of permissions by automating the steps involved in creating users, assigning roles and permissions, and communication.

Reduce risks and incidents

Unify criteria and mitigate risks and incidents with one portal for customers and suppliers. Centralizes and streamlines purchasing and sales processes, reducing time and errors.

More development, less maintenance

Improves budget management by optimizing the budget through the identification of synergies and aggregated contracting by volume. Accelerates developments and reduces maintenance.