Anticipate future challenges in the present

We want you to be the first to transform the health of your patients. We combine advanced technology and business intelligence to

solve your challenges. If we can think it, we can do it.


We transform the future of your health institution.

AI is going to be present in the daily work of healthcare professionals, which is based on the concepts of "cheaper, faster, better" and the current gold standard. Not only to help achieve an accurate diagnosis, but to solve the challenges of the sector. We work to create technological solutions that respond to your needs for innovation and digital transformation.

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Technological solutions to go further.

AI is a technology with which we can develop tools capable of quickly learning and analyzing huge amounts of information to help doctors offer better diagnoses and treatments. Likewise, it can be applied in the analysis of diagnostic images and in the automation of data collection from medical records.


Technology is the key ingredient for your challenge.

The use of more efficient and precise tools in the health field has a triple benefit. On the one hand, obtaining a prompt diagnosis for the patient and care for the diagnosed patient beforehand, extends their survival rate in many cases. On the other hand, the medical sector sees how most of its processes can be carried out faster and with fewer errors, leading to a precision diagnosis and better performance of its services. Finally, the pharmaceutical industry also benefits from having the opportunity to apply their treatments earlier.


The boost that your health institution needs

At Enzyme, we have extensive experience in projects in the pharmaceutical sector and the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence, computer vision and blockchain.

Meet our star development in this field, Komombo, our AI tool to support clinical diagnosis, an artificial intelligence tool to speed up diagnosis in the biomedical industry.

You can see more about what we have developed for the health sector, through Komombo.