In insurance and banking, the unexpected transcends the unexpected

With the digitization of business, customer expectations have changed, including those in the insurance and banking sectors. We help you deliver what your customers are looking for.


Meet the demands that insurance and banking require

For decades the industry has been working on economic stability and coverage of individual and business needs. Today the sector requires radical competitiveness, an exponential speed of innovation and an increasingly strict legal framework. This requires a digital transformation in the financial sector that requires digitizing the banking sector and innovating in the financial sector as well as in insurance. Our tools to get ahead and optimize the future of the sector are innovation, technology, artificial intelligence and agile working methods.



Discover how to add up with technological innovation

At present, the industry is facing an environment marked with low profitability, increasingly demanding regulatory processes and changes to adapt to an unprecedented technological transformation. This requires specific objectives such as access channel flexibility, balance between processes, manual and automated tasks according to the cost and value provided. A transactional platform is also needed to achieve greater efficiency and strength in the execution of business and measurement that gives the result in the short and medium term.

We must have the ability to modulate the operating model to take advantage of tactical business opportunities. We can’t forget the conversion of regulatory requirements into opportunities for improvement, as well as simulations and predictions to have more control in decision making in the medium and long term.


Discover the benefits that the sector brings you today

In the banking & insurance sector, each goal has to generate several tangible benefits. Some of the goals are: increasing customer loyalty and employee satisfaction, a reduction in regulatory incidents and improved productivity. As benefits, we stand out as an improvement of ranking sectorial reputation through innovation in the business model. Also, We contribute to the well-being and growth of society from a perspective of responsibility and sustainability.


Discover the results that innovation brings you

We dedicate a large part of our capacity and work to implement innovative initiatives in the banking and insurance sector. In banking, we implement innovative solutions for Deutsche Bank, Ibercaja, Caixabank, WiZink, Solventis, Banco BMW, Banc Sabadell and Banco Santander. In insurance companies we work for: Generali, MC Mutuals, Catalana Occidente and Liberty.