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Pyrénées: One Team dynamization

Pyrénées is a leading group of commercial companies in the national Andorran market and exclusive importer of major brands in the retail sector. 

Client challenge:

The Pyrénées Group is immersed in a global and strategic transformation of its more than 45 companies and 1,200 employees.

They need the employees and the management of the group to participate actively to give way to the transformation of the group.

Enzyme solution:

Definition of the strategic core lines, objectives, initiatives and actions to be carried out by each team.

Dynamization of teams and personal sessions in 4 phases for the definition, promotion and presentation of outcomes.

More than 300 employees, throughout all levels, from Directors to the store staff, participate.


Impact and involved technologies


Implementation of more than 50 initiatives all over the Group (45+ companies)

4 core strategic lines and One Team Manifesto were established.

Impact on the areas of Customer Success, Optimization of internal costs, Sales, Internal processes and methodologies, Marketing, Sustainability, E-commerce, Physical store and Group Brand.

Technologies involved:

Strategic consulting.

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