Strategy Mapping

We help you envision the strategy at a high level, ensuring a path of technological innovation free of doubts and obstacles, highlighting the risks and opportunities of different technological investments for the business. Along this path, we integrate digital culture into your organization so that you can create new products and services and radically transform your business models.

Our vision

At Enzyme, we understand Strategic Mapping as the combination of Business Strategy and Digital Strategy. The Business Strategy begins with the client, their needs, their problems and how the company can respond to them with the appropriate products and / or services to be competitive and profitable in the long term. The Digital Strategy contemplates both the Digitization of the company (focus on operational excellence) and the evolution towards the supply of Digital services (focus on innovation).

Strategy Mapping is the gateway to an organization's opportunities for improvement. Key to having substantial and sustainable improvements is having a Business Strategy and a Digital Strategy that is clear, structured, communicated and gradually implemented. This is why we help our clients analyze, rethink and redesign their future strategy based on vulnerabilities and opportunities, market trends, competitors and technological trends.

We answer the tough questions, the ones with long-term implications at both the Digital and Traditional levels. In which lines of business should I continue to invest and in which not? How do I structure my long-term operating model and how do I transition to it? What do I do wrong so that my clients leave or are not satisfied? How can I reinvent myself for a digital environment? How can I link my business strategy with the digital one? What technology should I invest in the medium / long term and what ROI will I get?

Enzyme is committed from the beginning to creating innovative and digital value propositions for your clients. From a Simple Strategic Map to the broadest and most detailed Business Strategy, through in-depth analysis of the customer journeys or the company's service lines or creating an IT Strategic Plan. 

Do you dare to reinvent yourself?