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Pricing Analytics

Pricing Analytics is a pricing consulting solution which focuses on the analysis, diagnosis and recommendation of pricing policies, using information from a company's own prices as well as those of competitors.
Using statistical modelling, the elasticities or Price Power can be quantified. In addition, online prices are also monitored based on a system of association and selection of competitive products and dynamic alarms on price changes.
The solution enables a manufacturer's after-sales service to be visible in the pricing policies of resellers and distributors of accessories, allowing pricing policies to be analysed by product category, based on business criteria and competitiveness among distributors.

What benefits can you expect?

Definition of more focussed pricing policies by category with better judgement
Identification of business standards and competitiveness between distributors
Improvement in the perception and knowledge of the market situation
The estimated impact of pricing policies

What solutions are included?

Information processing

Service for the establishment of the pricing datamart, tailored to record all those data that can be used later to analyze results.

Control panels

Price control panels:

- Price Leakage

- Price Landscape

- Pricing Rules

- What IF

Price Recommender

Recommendation tool embedded in corporate systems.