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People Performance Management

There are several factors which make the current digital transformation process different from any previous transformation process:
1. 360 Affect: business processes, approach to customers, relationship with suppliers and employees, internal organization, interrelationship with other brands and their consumers.
2. Paradigm changes in management models: it would be incorrect to regard the process as an adoption of a set of technologies due to current volatility and the speed of development; it should instead be considered a change in business philosophy.
3. Transformation process: the need to undertake this transformation successfully in order to ensure the survival of the organizations requires specific tools to allow the extent of the transformation process to be monitored.
Peppermint, a tool for the management of commercial networks, it facilitates the definition of new specific indicators, the generation of actions aligned with the achievement of these objectives and automatic monitoring of the implementation impact. It also facilitates the
recommendation of actions and the assignment of team members to carry those recommendations out on the basis of assisted AI models, representing high added value to ensure the transformation.

What benefits can you expect?

Processes and responsibilities defined, activated and maintained
Databases available for analysis at any time.
Formal and frequent dialogue focused on objectives
Definition, consistency and longevity of data and management

What solutions are included?


Improves your business through the management of processes and people, digitizing implementation of the action plan and aligning the entire organization.

Operational efficiency

 Increasing team performance with a tool for monitoring employee activity and identifying best practices.


Identification and monitoring of key management indicators and improvement of results.

Planificación comercial

Definition and optimization of processes, methodologies and commercial systems.