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Digital Employee

 Digital transformation has generated a growing demand for so-called digital talent. Professionals must know how to respond to the new demands of users and customers, adapting to their continuous changes.

Digital talent is the key to allow organizational transformation initiatives through technology, processes and analytics to not only achieve their objectives, but also maximize their impact.

 The evolution of selection processes has led us to a dual scenario: profile positions that require mass processing and objectivity; and specialist positions that require improvements to selection effectiveness and a significant degree of proactivity on the part of companies.

Digital talent can bring decisive value to these challenges in the following ways:

1. Identifying the technological leaders who know how to guide the digitization of companies.

2. Promoting a "digital spirit" among employees by encouraging their development so that they acquire new digital skills (from both an individual and organizational point of view, through management leadership and deployment of resources).

3. Generating collaborative relationship models through digital support (employee portals, knowledge management processes, new agile internal communication channels, etc.).

4. Dynamizing the adoption of knowledge through optimized and innovative management of the learning process (e-Learning, Peer-coaching, etc.).

5. Managing the life cycle of digital talent through the recruitment, development and dynamization of people, supported through methodologies and technological solutions that facilitate the speed and sustainability required.

What benefits can you expect?

Better trained employees
More precise and cost-effective recruitment processes
grupo (2)
Forecasting the impact of organisational decisions on the business
Improving retention of key talent

What solutions are included?

Suitable candidate

Identify the profile of the internal employee that we want to look for externally. Capture profiles on professional social networks and process them to generate a list of candidates. Analytically evaluate the fit and propose a selection.

Organizational vision

Building an ecosystem of relationships or enabling decision-making based on indicators of comparative groups and individuals.


 Establishing means of analysis and forecasting that consist in discovering the causes and relationships that justify particular scenarios and the potential for their recurrence.