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Digital Analytics Services

We develop end-to-end analytical solutions, enhancing the final user experience with advanced visualization layers that enable data patterns and trends to be identified.

These Business Intelligence solutions facilitate the adequate intake of information in order to influence the development of the best possible business model operation. This also enables continuous accessibility to quality, up-to-date information through any device, empowers users to be able to use Business Intelligence themselves, and contributes to greater maturity of data governance and knowledge within the company.

What benefits can you expect?

Create a more effective operation of the business model and greater visibility of the state of the business
Understand the economic impact of actions and support for appropriate business decision-making
Achieve greater conversion into campaign plans and commercial actions
Detect bottlenecks and drastically reduce time-to-insights

What solutions are included?

End to End with embedded BI

Demand planners and inventory management, marketing optimizers, business status monitors and web app with embedded dashboards.


Integration of predictive and analytical components in dashboards, event prediction, determination of the most profitable investment and fraud prevention.

Determination of objectives

Development of tailor-made algorithms for the detection of specific targets and customer segmentation, customer analysis and segmentation, abandonment propensity models and next best offer.


Creation of analytical infrastructure for performing the service (Datamart, ETL, Data Quality, etc).