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Demand Planning

Demand Planning is a process within the organization that requires decisions to integrate various departments in the organization: sales, marketing, operations and finance.

To make the right decisions it is necessary to make optimal use of data with a holistic approach, in which all players converge towards the creation of a single, conciliatory forecast. At the same time, a high level of automation is required to minimize errors, thereby reducing losses while increasing sales.

Demand Planning Analytics helps you improve this key process in your organization.

What benefits can you expect?

Reduce prediction errors in the face of high volatility and demand uncertainty
Help predict demand in fragmented product categories with high levels of cannibalization
Given the lack of knowledge about the impact of both internal and external factors, we rank these by relevance and measure their impact
Digitally monitor process quality as opposed to traditional and manual methods

What solutions are included?


Consultancy service and benchmarking of analytical tools for demand planning.

Demand planning

Outsourced service for demand planning.

Analytical tools

Customization and deployment of analytical tools for forecasting demand.