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Customer Experience 4.0

We define a new customer relationship model with you to increase levels of satisfaction and loyalty, as well as commitment and the probability of recommendation.
With the automation of marketing, by triggering Big Data and Artificial Intelligence you can improve the micro-personalization of communications and the generation of offers, together with an improved customer experience, creating profitable happiness.

New? Customer Experiences by Juan Carlos Alcaide


Watch Juan Carlos Alcaide's TEDx presentation, in which he shares his wealth of knowledge and proven experience in this respect.

What benefits can you expect?

Get to know the customer, make them feel unique
Improve customer relationship processes according to channels and profiles, making increased satisfaction, happiness and brand reputation profitable
Generate new business opportunities through a lifelong relationship with the customer
Improve the customer-oriented company culture and the design of loyalty experiences

What solutions are included?


Expert advice seeking improvement in:

- Process efficiency: ensure Customer Centricity

- Service provided to the customer

- Customer perception

- Innovation in retention strategies

- Anticipation of customer behaviour

- Understanding of the Customer Journey


We help you with your customer acquisition strategy in the following areas:

- Acquisition process efficiency and accelerated decision-makin

- Identifying opportunities

- Demand analysis

- Profiling of potential customers

- Improved brand image


With this solution we offer you advice in the following areas:

- Segmentation of customer types based on purchasing habits

- Management of brand ambassadors (fans)

- Defining actions based on customer value


Lower costs

We propose solutions to reduce costs, including:

-Optimization of campaigns (analysis of results and improvement decision-making)

- Reduction of waste (identification of overvalue in shares/products)

- Automation of non-value processes

- Reduction of opportunity cost (benchmark pricing competitors, etc.)