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An Artificial Intelligence system is based on data analysis and makes decisions autonomously, using its analysis to tell the user what course of action to take, without the human in question participating in the process.

A Chatbot searches for relevant information from various sources and presents it to the human so that this human can ultimately decide how to use the information in order to make decisions. 

How can Cognitive Computing help you?


View the featured presentation of the WiZink Chatbot at IBM's 2018 Ecosystem event

What benefits can you expect?

Automate repetitive and/or low-value tasks
Improve the efficiency and satisfaction of support processes
Improve customer knowledge, segmentation and loyalty
Generate new sales opportunities

What solutions are included?


Solutions based mainly on Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Classification and intelligent algorithms:

- Email classifier

- Document search

- Sentiment analysis

- Personality analysis

Conversational Pods

Hardware with microphones and loudspeakers optimized for "hands-free" mode that connect to the Internet to answer user questions in various domains of interest. 

These pods understand the user's voice and send it to "superior intelligence" in the cloud, generically known as an 'assistant', which answers the user's question with a pleasant voice in a matter of seconds.