Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility in ENZYME Advising Group is founded on the principles of leadership, trust and commitment. These values are in our DNA and are part of our code of business ethics, and are reflected in our professionals.

On this basis ENZYME structures a management system to ensure the credibility and excellence. ENZYME is characterized by being:

  • Efficient.
  • Sustainable long term.
  • Consistent with the social impact of their actions.

Company Values

In ENZYME we share the conviction that the key to responsible and sustainable activity of any organization are:

  1. Long-term vision
  2. Corporate efficiency
  3. Corporate social responsibility

These keys allow compliance objectives and also facilitate the provision of goals and / or future positions. They also serve to provide clear answers, consistent and professional to all stakeholders associated with the organization: customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, regulators and society in general.

According to these concepts, ENZYME understands corporate responsibility as:

  • A social function and not as an occasional philanthropy or a mere publicity stunt.
  • A business vision that determines its overall management and future strategies.
  • A way to make the whole entity to develop and to implement the corporate responsibility.

Our commitment to sustainable performance, that have to add value, covers the entire value chain of the organization, from the source of funds and resources to implementation and investment. Thus, with the purpose of determining management strategies, are taken into consideration:

  • The economic and financial factors of the activity.
  • The satisfaction of customers.
  • The creation of shareholder value.
  • The needs of employees.
  • The relationship with suppliers and partners.
  • The effects on communities and the environments in which it operates.

Interest Groups

ENZYME Advising Group, in accordance with its values of leadership, trust and commitment, based on the practices that characterize corporate governance, has among its objectives to create value and respond to individuals and groups with which it relates:

Customers: Service Excellence

Customer Orientation
Customers are the reason for ENZYME, which strives to offer the best and most complete service and thus achieve maximum satisfaction. For this reason:

  • We have an extensive range of products and services to meet the needs of as many customers or groups as possible. ENZYME always provides personalized service, with specific proposals for each group or need.
  • We are known for our customer proximity, we are like a “boutique solutions” where we want to get the transformation of the client, and to accompany this to achieve all processes and to create value in every stage of its value chain.
  • ENZYME is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Focus on results:

  • ENZYME creates value. We realize that in today’s economic environment is evidenced competitiveness through improvements or real and measurable changes. ENZYME quantitatively demonstrates the value it provides. We win if the client wins. So we think our business.


  • Our shareholding is independent and not subjected to any supplier, that gives us independence of thought, proximity and capacity to act freely in our proposals.
  • Our professionals have national and international recognition, with outstanding academic and professional careers. Its high level of skills is added to the ethical values and corporate responsibility.
  • To ENZYME personal credibility of each professional is part of the company’s reputation, so consider essential personal attention and excellence in all activities.

Commitment to ethical

  • The corporate values of ENZYME are leadership, trust and commitment and all members of his team, employees, managers and administrators have as principles of conduct inexcusable honesty, integrity and commitment to people.
  • One of the employees share duties is to preserve the confidentiality of personal data of customers, suppliers and partners. In the case of individuals, there is strict compliance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data. (Law 15/1999).

Shareholders: Long-Term Value


  • Our managers and executives are the first to believe in what they do so they are the first to invest and be part of the shareholder of ENZYME.
  • Our shares are open to any member of the company; all employees have the same opportunities..

Employees: a responsible team

A good place to work

  • ENZYME employees are the cornerstone of our business. Motivated, prepared and committed are essential to provide good service, success in business strategy and meet customer challenges.
  • The responsible management of human capital aims to attract the best people, to retain and to promote their work and personal development in a good working environment. To achieve this, ENZYME applies active policies of integration and equality, and works for the welfare of the people within their team.
  • In particular, the key elements of their management are:
  • Equitable selection process.
  • Continuous assessment of skills and competencies of the team.
  • Promotion of professional development
  • Training and continuing development.
  • Internal Dialogue.
  • Policies of recognition of merit and performance management.
  • Working environment appropriate to the functions and resources required.
  • Compensation practices based on skills, qualifications and performance.

Company: Committed to the community

  • Support to the R+D+i and technology transfer:
  • We encourage innovation and continuously investing in development and innovation (R+D +i) and encouraging the participation of our employees in improving business processes and design solutions.
  • We maintain ongoing collaboration agreements with leading research centers in the country. We emphasize the close relationship with the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Spain (IIIA-CSIC), the University of La Salle and SPARSITY Polytechnic University of Catalonia.
  • We support young researchers conducting a continuing evaluation activity, transfer of technologies to market and measurement and analysis of the impact achieved.

Educational programs and research:

  • We generate knowledge and participation in education links with universities to detecto new needs and market trends.
  • We participate in various events, fairs and international events to be consciuos of the latest technologies and transfer them to market.
  • We are in touch with leading TIC clusters in the country to download the latest technology to market.
  • We perform and attend lectures and university courses about the TIC sector or about business management.